The Logicca environment

At Logicca we value our people and want them to have rewarding and successful careers and lives.

Our work environment is friendly, relaxed and professional and our offices are modern, light and airy.

We promote open communication, teamwork and innovation which are musts for excellence and continuous improvement.

Our people are respected as professionals and individuals and we encourage a healthy work life balance and provide flexibility where possible.

We like to have fun and have regular social functions.

Many of us also have a fitness bent and can be found training together throughout the week.

If this is the sort of working environment you are interested in, read on.

What are we looking for?

The characteristics of exceptional people are incredibly diverse and it is impossible to set out a checklist which will confirm whether you are what we are looking for. However, in our experience, people likely to be the best fit will have a professional attitude, be flexible, open, friendly and team players.

Current opportunities

Unlike large accounting organisations which have a continuous recruitment cycle, our recruitment needs are primarily growth related and arise on an ad-hoc basis.

From time to time we will advertise positions and these will be listed below.

Whether or not we have an advertised position, exceptional people will always be considered, particularly at more senior levels. If you are exceptional you should contact us.

Advertised positions