Film and TV Audits

Film Offsets, QAPE and Film Audits

We specialise in the following services relating to Producer, Location and PDV Offsets:

  • QAPE & Investor audits
  • Preparing and/or reviewing applications for provisional and final QAPE certificates
  • QAPE opinion letters required by Investors
  • Lodgement of the tax return to obtain the QAPE refund
  • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporation and members voluntary liquidations
  • Structuring for tax minimisation
  • Screen NSW, Screen QLD and Film Victoria eligible expenditure audit

How can we help you?

Our dedicated team are experienced in all facets of the film and television industry. Our friendly professional approach and our experienced staff can assist you through the financial and tax elements of your production. We can assist at any stage in your production to ensure it meets the necessary requirements on your path to towards your final application and QAPE refund.

We were members of the Australian Taxation Office Film Industry Partnership and through representation liaise with industry and government on tax related issues directly affecting the film industry.

Film Offset & QAPE audits

We have significant experience in Film Production and QAPE audits. We provide audit services for the Producer, PDV and Location Offsets. Our dedicated film auditors prioritise QAPE and Investor audits to ensure clients can complete final applications with Screen Australia and the Office for the Arts under Film Offset and QAPE audits as quickly as possible. As approved auditors we work alongside the Offset and Co-production teams to provide an efficient and co-ordinated process during the assessment for the Final Certificate.

SPV Incorporation, Structuring & Tax Advice

We can assist in establishing an appropriate structure for the SPV and provide advice with regard to identifying the most tax effective structure for your business whilst maximising your access to the offsets and rebates.

We are also commonly engaged during or after the production to handle any ATO or State Revenue audits, usually GST and payroll tax.

QAPE Refunds

We understand that getting the QAPE refund as soon as possible is very important to our clients. This is why we not only prioritise the audit process but also have procedures in place to minimise delays in the issuing of the final refund cheque. Refunds are typically received within 14 days from the date of lodgement assisted by our relationship with the specialist ATO departments.

SPV Liquidations

Once the production is finalised, we can assist with liquidating the SPV and ensuring all tax and ASIC obligations are met by a members’ voluntary liquidation process.

QAPE Opinions

Investors often require a QAPE opinion as part of the cash flow funding of the producer offset. We are able to provide the opinion as part of our service offering.

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